Fashion Blogging

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Look how sexy Sazan’s blog looks! You can tell she spent a lot of time making her page one of the most popular fashion blogging sites to visit!

Always have your navigation at the top that way  people are able to navigate quickly through your site to get on the page they want to get on!

ALSO having a slideshow at the top ties everything together

She knows how to use anchor text as well, if you land on a fashion bloggers page they usually want to tell you where they got the clothes right?


Well thats exactly what she did with her blog! She posts the pictures of the outfit, then she lists at the bottom “Dress, Shoes, Purse” in which they are all highlighted linking to the page where she found the items and where you as an online shopper can get them :)
All you do is click on the item you want and BAM, there you are ready to put it in your shopping cart.

Love the simplicity of her blog as well, make sure you make it simple and easy to read, for example, BLACK WRITING ON A WHITE BACKGROUND.

Please do not make people read your yellow font on a lime green back ground… that is sooooo not ok.

Make your pictures VIBRANT! please save yourself from posting ugly outdated photos :)

What is this blog all about?

Here at I teach female online network marketers how to accomplish a sexy-looking blog.

Not that I don’t like working with guys, its just that I prefer teaching girls just like me:) “GIRL POWER”….. I know I sound lame, but whatevs

When us girls hear the word “hunky” we think of Brad Pitt, or maybe we think of Shemar Moore… you get the idea

Both of those men are so dang good looking..

Anyways I learned all my blog tips and tricks from Kelly White, who happens to be one of my good friends!

Feel free to check out her review of her online business! And below I  have the link to her blog!!blog/crx8

It’s pretty dang cool and made easy to read..

The goal of a good blog is to make sure you always have a point your trying to make, or a topic your trying to cover.

You never want to just start writing for no reason, because your blog would be all over the place…


You need to have a goal or a point that you want to make and make sure you cover it by the end of the blog post.

Also make sure you just be you!

Be fun and easy to read, if your dull and your topics suck, no one, and I mean NO ONE is going to get through the first sentence of your blog with out hitting the back button to exit your blog…

Some girls like to make their blogs too freaking flashy and PINK. DON’T DO THAT …. unless your Barbie… its just to loud and obnoxious…

Make your blog have some highlights here and there of color but don’t show too much

It’s kind of like wearing a tight long maxi dress, it’s not revealing, but it is tasteful and makes others wonder how you got a hot body and why your not showing it off!

Well anyways I’ll be posting some of my “Sarah Secrets” ;) in the next post

Sarah :)